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Have you ever heard of Missingno? If you have, great job! If you haven't, don't worry. You will after you read through this entry! Missingno is a strange glitch that has many quirks and details, and this exhibit will take you through them! But first, let's ask the question: what, exactly, is a glitch?

A glitch is a programming error that was accidentally created by the programmers. Glitches can be caused by many different things, including null data, Gamesharks and other cheating devices, and many more other things. Basically, a glitch is a bug. (not a real one, a technological one.)

Glitch Museum of Milotic

Welcome to the Official Glitch Museum of Milotic! Here you can find cool, strange Pokemon glitches, Missingnos, and other glitchy stuff. Each week, the exhibit changes. Featuring text, videos, and instructions, you can finally find that glitch!

Our featured exhibit:

Missingno- Our Forgotten Friend

Have you ever heard of Missingno? If you have, then you'll know that Missingno is one of the most famous Pokemon- or should I say- video game glitches! In this exhibit, you will learn all about Missingno, how the glitch happened, and how to get it!

Writer's Block: In The Money

If you won $100 this afternoon, what would you do with it?

I would spend it on some Pokemon stuff, and donate the rest to charity, preferably a save-the-earth or a save-the-children charity.
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New Button (and some other stuff)

New button? Finally, I have made my personal favorite button that I've made...

Waterfall Cave- The Place for Milotics

Yeah. I know it's not too good, but for me that's an accomplishment.

Anyways, my beautiful Luna (the Milotic) has made her way up to Lv. 49 (and learned Aqua Ring! Hooray!) Her moves? Aqua Ring, Hydro Pump, Surf, and Ice Beam. Love it!

My team so far is a Lapras, a Mewtwo (who I recently got to Lv. 100! WOOHOO!), a Charizard, Luna the Milotic, a Lucario, and an Empoleon. Yay!

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New Milotic

Now that I've finally evolved my very own non-shiny, female Feebas into a Milotic, I'm taking on the Elite Four once again to train my Lv. 39 Milotic. She still doesn't have Aqua Ring, but she will once I get her to Lv. 47. (I think.) She now has Hydro Pump, Rain Dance (stupid Day Care lady), Recover, and Refresh. Great. I want Aqua Ring!!!!!!!!

I also want a good Milotic-themed layout for this blog.

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Milotic's Progress

Tip for training: If you have a Water-type you want to train, go the the outside of Stark Mountain and give your leading Water-type an Exp. Share. Train in the grass. There will be a load of Pokemon that are weak to Water-types. And you'll get boosted EXP from the ES (exp. Share). In my case, my Pokemon came from a Dual Slot Migration, so he gets double boosts in EXP. 

My Milotic is currently Lv. 76 and still has Aqua Ring.

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Here is a button if you want to link back to Waterfall Cave.

Waterfall Cave- Pokemon Blog


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Awesome Video!

Pretty cool, huh? A wild Deoxys appears in the moving truck and this Albaro guy has no Pokemon, so he sends out a glitch Pokemon with a Slowpoke's cry... AWESOME!
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Update!!! E4 Guide

Table of Contents
1a. What is the Elite Four?
1b. Types You Need
1c. Items You Need
1d. My Team (last time I entered Hall of Fame)
Elite Four 1: Aaron
2a. His Pokemon
2b. Dustox
2c. Vespiquen
2d. Heracross
2e. Drapion
2f. Beautifly
Elite Four 2: Bertha
3a. Her Pokemon
3b. Quagsire
3c. Sudowoodo
3d. Hippowdon
3e. Golem
3f. Whiscash
Elite Four 3: Flint
4a. His Pokemon
4b. Rapidash
4c. Infernape
4d. Steelix
4e. Lopunny
4f. Drifblim
Elite Four 4: Lucian
5a. His Pokemon
5b. Mr. Mime
5c. Girafarig
5d. Medicham
5e. Bronzong
5f. Alakazam
6a. Ending Spoilers
6b. Credits
6c. Special Thanks
****This guide is Copyright Miloticworks, for use in Waterfall Cave ONLY. Any use in any site OTHER than Waterfall Cave will result in the wrath of the mighty Milotic. (This means you, IGN and GameFAQs!)****
1. Introduction
1a. What is the Elite Four?
The Elite Four are the top Trainers of the Pokemon League. They are made up of four Trainers: Aaron, Bertha, Flint, and Lucian, and you must defeat all of them in a row before battling the Champion. You may heal with items between battles, but you may not quit within your challenge. (e.g. Fly.) There is no complete healing (HP, PP, status) between matches. If you lose to one of the four, you have to start from the first one. Although this may seem like a bad thing, sometimes, if you run out of supplies, you must lose to go back and buy more.
1b. Types You Need
As the title of this chapter says, you need these types in order to score a lot of super-effective hits.
1c. Items You Need
Since you may heal with your items between or in battles, this is a list of the items you’ll need.
Full Restore
Max Potion (or Hyper Potion)
Full Heal
These items you might want to give your Pokemon.
Lum Berry
Sitrus Berry
Muscle Band
Wise Glasses
1d. My Team
I have made a good team of balanced types, some imported from other regions, some I had.
Empoleon Lv. 71
Lapras Lv. 78
Mewtwo Lv. 96
Lucario Lv. 79
Charizard Lv. 79
Milotic (in training) Lv. 57
2. Aaron
2a. His Pokemon
Aaron mainly uses Bug Pokemon, with one Poison/Dark mixed in. All of his Pokemon know at least one Bug move (example: Drapion w/ X-Scissor, Heracross w/ Megahorn, Dustox w/ Bug Buzz.) He focuses on mostly medium-power (80) moves, except for Heracross, with Close Combat and Megahorn. He has these Pokemon:
Dustox Lv. 53
Light Screen
Bug Buzz
Double Team
Aaron starts off the battle with Dustox, which may be annoying if you can’t KO it in one shot. It may use Double Team first so it can hit while you miss. Toxic may not seem bad, but it really hurts after a few turns. It also knows Light Screen, which hurts even more if you’re using special attacks. But Dustox is not so tough, so a good Psychic, Fire or Rock Pokemon will take it out.
Heracross Lv. 54
Close Combat
Stone Edge (?)
Night Slash
Heracross is the powerhouse of Aaron’s team. With moves like Megahorn and Close Combat on his side, Psychic and Rock will have a hard time fighting. But a double Flying weakness makes Heracross vulnerable. Watch out, though: this guy has some counters to the usual likely opponents. Megahorn, if you’re using a Psychic legendary, can come back to haunt you, and so can Night Slash. Use a Fire or Flying-type Pokemon to bring Heracross down.
Vespiquen Lv. 54
Attack Order
Heal Order
Defend Order
Power Gem
Now most Torterra owners had trouble with this Bug/Flying bee. But with a good smack in the face with Heat Wave from a Charizard, Vespiquen went down in one hit. But if you CAN’T take it down like I did, it might use Defend Order (which raises its Defense and Sp. Def) or Heal Order and make it worse. Use powerhouse, physical Fire moves like Flare Blitz, Blaze Kick, Fire Punch or Fang, and Flame Wheel. You may also want Drill Peck, just in case.
Drapion Lv. 57
Ice Fang
Cross Poison
Aerial Ace
The thing about this Drapion: the only type it’s weak to is Ground and it has Ice Fang to counter that. Good thinking, Aaron. Anyway, since that Ice Fang will really hurt, use powerful moves from normal-damage types. Heat Wave is one of my favorites. If it doesn’t KO first time, use it again. STAB (Same Type Attack Boost) is good here, and everywhere else.
Beautifly Lv. 53
Shadow Ball
Bug Buzz
Energy Ball
Giga Drain
JUST TAKE IT OUT! All I can say. Rock attacks are best. If you have Stone Edge, USE IT! But if you’re too scared, knowing that it knows Energy Ball, use a Fire-type. All of these attacks are either not very effective or normal damage to a good Fire-type.
Congratulations! You have beaten Elite Four Aaron! The next Trainer is a bit harder, but you’ll do well if you have some good Pokemon with you..
3. Bertha
3a. Her Pokemon
Bertha’s team consists of Ground Pokemon, with the occasional Rock. She uses her Pokemon with power, and the Hippowdon will pose a problem to any Trainer without a good Ice, Grass or Water Pokemon. She has these Pokemon:
Quagsire Lv. 55
Double Team
Quagsire loves to Double Team, which means that even if your attack does hit, it will use Protect. But first, it uses Sandstorm, to whittle away your HP while you fail to attack it. Use a hard-hitting Grass-type move and OHKO it.
Sudowoodo Lv. 56
Sucker Punch
Hammer Arm
Pure Rock-type is, at least, better than a Rock-Ground, but it still has some easy-to-exploit weaknesses. Sucker Punch- I have NO IDEA why it’s there, but it really hurt against my Mewtwo. As if Sudowoodo wasn’t slow enough, Hammer Arm lowers the user’s Speed. Use Water, Ice, and Grass for this walking tree.
Whiscash Lv. 55
Aqua Tail
Zen Headbutt
Rock Slide
Energy Ball. All I can say. If you don’t have Energy Ball (or some other decent Grass-type move) you’re better off using a Psychic-type. I don’t care, just don’t make it anything around Ice, Ground, and Water. Fissure, an OHKO move, always misses if the foe’s level is higher than the user’s, so get anything above Level 56 and go all-out with Grass-types.
Hippowdon Lv. 59
Curse (Non-Ghost type)
Stone Edge
Not much to say here. Hippowdon goes the extra mile with Sand Stream, which causes an endless- yes, ENDLESS- sandstorm. Earthquake hurts, and so does Stone Edge, but even more if Hippowdon uses Curse first. Crunch will definitely put the hamper on Psychics, if Hippowdon DOES go first. Watch out, though, Curse also raises Attack and Defense, even though it lowers Speed.
Golem Lv. 56
Brick Break
Gyro Ball
Use Surf (or any other good Water attack.) It has a 4x weakness to Water. Water will come easily, and Golem is so slow if you have Empoleon that it won’t attack first, so you can take it down with Surf.
Good job! You’ve beaten the Ground-type specialist of the League, Bertha! Now it’s time to heat things up with a familiar face..
4. Flint
4a. His Pokemon
Flint’s team consists of three very non-offensive Pokemon and three very offensively talented. He is a Fire-type user, but though there are not many Fire-type Pokemon in Sinnoh, he had to substitute other types. He uses mainly Fire-type moves on opponents, but only two get STAB for it. Watch out, though- his Rapidash and Lopunny have wicked mean combos. He has these Pokemon:
Rapidash Lv. 58
Sunny Day
Flare Blitz
Woo, man. Flint starts the battle off with a hard-hitting, speedy, STABbed Pokemon that can easily take down even the toughest of Water-types. When Rapidash uses Sunny Day, you know either Solarbeam or Flare Blitz is going to come at you. Once it uses Solarbeam, if your tough Water Pokemon, Rock Pokemon, or Ground Pokemon even survive, it’s going to lash out with another Solarbeam or a Flare Blitz, which is powered up by Sunny Day. Bounce is as annoying as you thought it would be, but if you have a slow Pokemon, it will get to attack after Rapidash uses Bounce. Rapidash doesn’t get STAB for this move, and it’s fairly weak, so it won’t hurt much. But it can paralyze, and with a fairly high chance, too. It can counter almost anything you throw at it. Watch out!
Infernape Lv. 61
Mach Punch
Flare Blitz
Use a Psychic type. Any Water-Ices or Water-Steels will be pulled down by Mach Punch, and Water-type will go down easy with ThunderPunch. Water-Steels can also go down from Earthquake, which is why I don’t recommend using an Empoleon for this part of the battle. If Sunny Day is still in effect from the Rapidash battle, it’ll go for the KO with Flare Blitz. USE PSYCHIC!
Lopunny Lv. 57
Mirror Coat
Fire Punch
Sunny Day
Physical Fighting works for this cute bunny-rabbit. Charm sharply lowers your attack. The reason for that? It’s trying to get you to use a special attack so it can use Mirror Coat. Use a high-level Lucario (they’re speedy) with Close Combat.
Steelix Lv. 57
Rock Tomb
Sunny Day
Fire Fang
Easy. Just surf it. At this point in the game you’re bound to have a Pokemon with Surf, so use it.
Drifblim Lv. 58
Ominous Wind
Baton Pass
Double Team
If you have a good Ghost-type with Shadow Ball, like a Gengar, use it. This guy has a strategy, though- he uses Ominous Wind, sometimes gets the upped stats, then passes it on to another Pokemon. Double Team is annoying. Use a non-missing attack like Sucker Punch.
Good job! You’ve now beaten Flint! Heal up, and get ready for a challenging battle..
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